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The Kveik Ring: Jordal

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December 2020 Release

The Jordal Kveik sourced from Hallvor Måge likely originates in Odda, nearby to Skare (where KRISPY was sourced from). This Kveik Ring release contains all 4 strains. In a test fermentation, we found that it produced a remarkably clean ferment and attenuated to 86%. 

This might be the dream kveik for brewers looking for clean, crisp, dry ferments. Try it out and let us know what you think - we think this one might be a winner. 

Like most Kveik, it will be cleaner between 20-25ºC and fruity as you get closer to the 30-37ºC temperature range. 

This calculator is currently only accurate for for clean ale and lager strains. If you need assistance, please contact our sales team