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Pomona [HB]


Great all-around IPA strain with peach, citrus, and tropical fruit notes plus a stable haze.

  • Brings out stone fruit and citrus notes from your hops. 
  • Haze-positive for stable haze.
  • Excellent fermentation efficiency and attenuation. 
  • Easy to harvest and repitch. 

How did we do it? We used yeast breeding to cross a highly aromatic strain with a super robust and reliable strain. Then we used a process called adaptive lab evolution to adapt it to the unique fermentation conditions of IPAs, enhancing biotransformation and haze. The result is an excellent new yeast strain for modern hop-forward beers. 

See our Tech Sheet for more information. 

Clean WY1272 WLP051 A15 Independence Low attenutation Hazy IPA Dry New England IPA Hop forward Cali
Recommended pitch sizes are based on our standard pitch rates. Contact us if you're not sure how much yeast to order!