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Sahti Yeast

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April 2021 Kveik Ring Release

Here's a bit of an interesting one for April! Sahti is a style of Finnish traditional beer which is brewed with juniper and traditionally lautered in a trough called a kuurna. While the traditional yeast has died out in Finland, we are offering here a strain of baking yeast commonly used in the Nordic countries for both baking and for brewing. Expect high attenuation, light phenols, and a strong banana aroma. Suitable for BOTH beer and bread! 

Temperature: 15-30ºC (59-86ºF)
Attenuation: 80-85% 
Suitable styles: Sahti, other Nordic ales, can be used in malty Belgian styles as well. 

This calculator is currently only accurate for for clean ale and lager strains. If you need assistance, please contact our sales team