The Kveik Ring: Stranda [HB]

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November 2021 release 

Stranda (Stein Langlo's kveik) is very flocculent, with clean aromatics. Stranda accentuates both malt and hop flavours and can sub in for most English and American strains. Stranda is unique in being a relatively "simple" kveik culture dominated by one strain. Here, we are offering the single-strain. The ideal pitch temperature is 30ºC. 

Flocculation: High 
Attenuation: 70-80% 
Temperature range: 18-38ºC (65-100ºF) 
Non diastatic, non phenolic, high alcohol tolerance 

About The Kveik Ring: Each yeast released will be tested by us for basic parameters (attenuation, flocculation, simple flavour descriptors) but we will turn further yeast characterization into a collaborative process. Make sure to tell us about your experience!

This calculator is currently only accurate for for clean ale and lager strains. If you need assistance, please contact our sales team