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Yeast Lightning Nutrient


Stress less about yeast health. 

Our yeast nutrient blend, tailored for the unique needs of beer yeasts.

Now additionally formulated in a more user-friendly granular format, with testers experiencing enhanced lager yeast performance and haze stability for protein-rich beers — all of this with the same proven yeast refinement that you expect!

For more information on this update and for how Yeast Lightning can also be used for Hard Seltzers and Ciders, see our Data Sheet.

Recommended dosage rate: For best results, use 4g/hL (5g/bbl). Double for hard seltzers and ciders, which also require DAP (diammonium phosphate) addition. 

Cost per hL of beer: $0.60-0.79/hL (depending on volume)

Buying in bulk? Order our new 10kg size to save!

More information: Turbo charge your ferments with Yeast Lightning, Technical Data Sheet

For homebrew-sized (28g) pouches, click here.