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We believe fermentation should be easy.

We know that fermentation can be mysterious and stressful.
We know you are curious to learn more, because you have ambitious fermentation goals.

That is why we are focused on growing yeast you can trust.
We will help you become a fermentation expert.
We will listen to your challenges and celebrate your triumphs.

Our partners brew incredible beer.

Learn. Innovate. Teach. Repeat.

We Help You

Make Better Beer.

If you want to chat about yeast, let’s get to it. We share our knowledge, original research and time with our customers. Our business thrives through respect for our craft and the healthy, beating heart of an entire industry. And, to be honest, our friends and relatives aren’t always that interested in nerding out over fermentation.

You can reach out to us directly or check out hours of free education.

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The Kveik Ring

Join the inner circle.

We are the leading experts on the science of Norwegian Kveik yeasts. The Kveik Ring is a monthly program we created that aims to turn yeast characterization into a collaborative process. This is your chance to get access to a wider range of these exciting yeasts. By getting more Norwegian Kveik yeasts into the hands of more brewers, we can dramatically speed up our typical strain testing process.

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Lab Services

What's in your beer?

We arm breweries with the help they need to identify, locate and ultimately prevent costly microbial contaminations. We sell lab supplies and offer private strain banking services. We can act as your in-house microbial detectives, so you don't have to find the time or space to install a lab in your growing brewery.

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