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We believe fermentation should be easy.

When you choose Escarpment Labs as your source for liquid brewing yeast, dry yeast, and nutrient, you get:

1. Expert advice and resources to help you brew better beer faster 👩‍🔬🍺

2. Reliable express shipping to Canada, US, and Europe that works with your brew schedule 📦🌍

3. Transparency on pitch rates and QC so you always know what you're getting in your yeast pitch 🔬✅

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Our partners brew incredible beer.

Learn. Innovate. Teach. Repeat.

We Help You

Make Awesome Beer.

Since 2015, Escarpment Labs has been helping brewers like you make awesome and innovative beer. If you want to chat about yeast, let's get to it!

We are committed to sharing our knowledge, research, and ideas with our customers.

If you have a super nerdy question or a crazy beer idea, let's talk.

You can reach out to us directly or check out hours of free education.

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Yeast Research

Equals flavour and efficiency in beer.

Innovation is a major priority at Escarpment Labs. Through the years we have led the charge in researching brewing yeasts to both help brewers make better beer, and innovate in flavour.

Our R&D efforts have translated into a large knowledge base as well as new products and programs that help you make awesome beer, including:

The Kveik Ring
Lactobacillus Blend 2.0
Thiol Libre
House Ale EL-D1 (dry yeast)

Interested in a sneak peek of new strains? Apply to the Experimental Strain Program (ESP) today.

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We are your

trusted source for yeast.

We prioritize quality and consistency at every step of the yeast process to ensure you get the right results. This includes going above-and-beyond with the quality control and quality assurance process.

Our yeast pitch rates and nutrients are designed to ensure optimal fermentations, so your beer tastes great and ferments reliably from the first yeast generation to the last.

We also offer a full suite of Microbiological Quality Control services:

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