The very first dry yeast from Escarpment Labs.


House Ale is a versatile strain that can be used to reliably ferment IPAs, Blond Ales, Stouts, and more. It offers the same reliable fermentation you can expect from Escarpment Labs, but in a dry, easy-to-pitch format.

Volume discounts are available (6.25% when ordering 10-19 units, 12.5% when ordering 20+ units). 

For more information about using House Ale (including recommended pitch rate & storage parameters), visit our data sheet.

Each 500g unit can be pitched in up to 10 hL (8 bbl) of wort. 

Need to figure out if dry or liquid yeast is best for your brew? Check out our blog post, "Liquid Yeast vs. Dry Yeast: Which is Better?".

Our homebrew-sized option can be found here.


Recommended pitch sizes are based on our standard pitch rates. Contact us if you're not sure how much yeast to order!