Because we learned by doing, we speak with confidence and act with skill to help you grow your craft and brew your best. We start with yeast and end with a thriving community of scientists, entrepreneurs, makers and devoted consumers.

Our products taste of

pride and friendship

Founders Angus Ross, Nate Ferguson and Richard Preiss met while working in a yeast research lab at the University of Guelph.

A collective love for beer and brewing led them to found Escarpment Laboratories, intending to add value to the craft beverage landscape and hang out in breweries for a living.

Our purpose:

Harnessing the science of cultures.

Since 2015, Escarpment Laboratories has helped hundreds of breweries achieve their fermentation targets. We grow our reputation as industry leaders by innovating every single day and teaching as we learn.



Nate Ferguson

Cofounder Nate Ferguson has been working in the beer industry for nearly a decade, mainly focusing on microbiological Quality Control and Quality Assurance which is what he teaches at Niagara College for the Brewmaster Program. Nate is our creative and technical wizard and always finds ways to solve challenging technical problems in-house and for clients.

Richard Preiss

Cofounder Richard is an active brewing scientist and long-time homebrewer. At Escarpment, Richard's focus is on translating new research into exciting products and knowledge for brewers. Richard loves to help our team and the brewers we work with to solve problems, overcome challenges, and unlock efficiencies. One day, Richard will write a manifesto on Brettanomyces.

Angus Ross

Cofounder Angus Ross launched the idea for Escarpment Labs, based on the clear need for a domestic Canadian yeast lab for craft brewers. In the early days, Angus did it all: propagation, sales, marketing, cleaning pumps... Today, Angus manages human resources, finances and sales at Escarpment. Angus is a big fan of funky, Bretty beers.

Will Culp

Will is our Production Technician and CIP hero. Previous to Escarpment Labs, he worked at Brick Brewing and graduated from the Niagara College Brewmaster Program. Will helps chip away at the list of process and building improvements and also happens to be a professional moustache grower in his off time.

Jonah Greenbaum-Shinder

Jonah is the head of the Homebrew and Food Ferments Department. He has a BFA in Theatre Production from Ryerson University and an MBET Degree from the University of Waterloo, and uses his diverse set of skills to help with product development, marketing, and advocacy at Escarpment. When not working, you can find him walking his dog Kugel and making weird ferments.

Eugene Fletcher

Eugene is our R&D Lead with a PhD in Cell Biology from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He is our in-house yeast doctor and a big fan of exotic yeasts. Eugene spends his time developing new yeast strains or rowing on some waters in Canada or abroad. Having lived in Europe, he has a permanent scar of enjoying ice cold lagers.

Joshua Muller

Joshua is our Sales and Logistics Specialist, responsible for production scheduling, answering customer emails, and fulfilling orders. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Business from Brock University and completed the Niagara College Brewmaster Program. Joshua is interested in marketing and never takes a lunch break.

Alex Mitro

Alex holds a Masters in Biotechnology from the University of Guelph. Currently, he is our Business Development and Project Coordinator and a member of the MBAA Ontario Technical Committee. Alex has spearheaded various projects within the company including the development of the External Quality Control department and hands-on quality control course for brewers, as well as several marketing and regulatory compliance projects. Alex loves pugs and party planning.

Luisa Muhleisen

Luisa is our Lab Manager, overseeing both Internal and External Quality Control activities at Escarpment Labs. Formerly, Luisa enjoyed careers as an Analytical Chemist in Big Pharma and as a Brewer with Big Beer, and is happy with it all coming together with her role at Escarpment. In her spare time Luisa performs improv but will never ask you to go to her shows. Promise.

Pat Wynn-Williams

Pat is our Sales and Logistics Specialist. He's here to make sure that you find the right products to suit your needs, as well as ensure that it arrives on time for your brew. Pat is a veteran brewer with a decade of experience in the craft brewing industry, as well as a Food Science graduate from the University of Guelph.

Evan Graham

Evan was trained at the Niagara College Brewmaster Program and previously worked at Amsterdam Brewery in Toronto. He is the Production Lead and Plant Manager (we have a lot of houseplants) at Escarpment Labs, and commutes by bicycle year-round.

Breanne Schooley

Breanne is one of our Lab Technicians. She is a graduate of the University of Guelph Food Science program, has worked in both small and big beer, and is happy to have made it upstream in the industry. The great outdoors and art are her two main passions, although she will always make time to talk fungi, especially over a PBR.

Lisa Maslove

Lisa works in our Finance department. She holds a Masters in Health Economics and is a member of the Guelph Public Library Board. Lisa is passionate about socially responsible business. Her favourite things to pair with beer are pizza and pickled herring.

Attilio Consigli

Attilio is our Packaging and Shipping Technician. He graduated from the University of Guelph with a specialization in Microbiology and a minor in Biotechnology. Attilio is the green-thumb for our Hanlon location as he carefully tends to our beloved plants. He is basically a walking meme reference machine and enjoys sipping on Saisons while sitting under the sun.

Chris Waterton

Chris is our Packaging and Shipping Technician who graduated from the Brewmaster program at Niagara College in December 2019. He has a high attention to detail honed through years of working in the food & beverage industry. Chris uses his experiences to ensure packages leave the door on time keeping the brewer’s goals in mind. He is also a member of our marketing team, helping in the design process of various projects. Chris goes by more nicknames than any human should. Most know him as just one, Waterton.

Nicole Irvine

Nicole is our Digital Marketing Lead, responsible for attracting customers online through social media & content marketing. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Carleton University, and completed the Brand Management program at Algonquin College. Nicole’s ideal day involves the Joey special (2 pizzas), Disney movies, and a selection of hazy IPAs.

Phill Jurek

Phillip is our Homebrew Packaging and Internal Logistics Specialist. Phill comes from Vancouver Island, where he earned his bachelor’s in microbiology at UVic. Phill has revitalized our internal homebrew program and works behind the scenes on our wild yeast capture program. He appreciates a good pair of socks, loves his Volvo, and is really into aged mixed-fermented beers.

Emily Storey

Emily is our Data Scientist and Software Developer. She has a Master's degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto, where she worked in Machine Learning and Spectroscopy. When she's taking a break from being a numbers nerd, you can find her running on trails, doing some sewing or needlework, or out in the garden enjoying a pint of homebrewed Dark Mild.

Adam Jarvis

Adam is a graduate from the Niagara Brewmaster program and joined our team as a Production Assistant. Adam helps the Production team grow yeast and CIP tanks. He is an avid outdoorsman and in his free time likes to tend to his gardens!

Drew Somers

Drew is one of our Production Assistants. He holds an Automotive Technology degree from McMaster University and was trained at the Niagara College Brewmaster Program. Drew helps with daily production and CIPs. When he isn't propping, you can find him on his bicycle, experimenting in the kitchen or enjoying a Belgian style ale.

John Luca Mastragostino

John is our Harvesting Technician. He has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Nutrition and Food from Ryerson University as well as a Graduate Certificate in Quality Assurance and Food Safety from Conestoga College. He is very passionate about all things alcohol related, and can often be found hiking through the countryside or playing video games.