Our typical strain testing process requires multiple experiments, test brews and months of time.

Enter, The Kveik Ring: A program geared toward getting the abundance of our kveik collection into more brewer’s hands, in a collaborative process. This is your chance to get access to a wider range of these exciting yeasts, lovingly propagated by the leading experts on kveik.


A new limited batch of Kveik or farmhouse yeasts will be available to pro brewers and homebrew shops every 2 months.

Each yeast released will be tested by us for basic parameters:

  • Attenuation,
  • Flocculation,
  • Simple flavour descriptors

While yeast characterization becomes a collaborative process between us and the brewers.

Limited quanities, available while supplies last!

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Really, really, really clean kveik.

Originallu released in June 2021, KRUSHER is ideal for any beer where you want clean flavour at a wide range of temperatures as well as a dry finish. Think Cali Ale but faster.

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Hailing from Atra in Norway and locally referenced as Berm (as opposed to Kveik) this yeast shares some similarities to other Norwegian farmhouse yeasts while simultaneously acting a little different.

Expect heat tolerance but not speed. This yeast takes its time and is not highly attenuative, but it makes up for that with unique fruity flavours of white grape, guava, and pineapple.

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Kolnasāta is sourced from a traditional Latvian brewer named Dainis Rakstiņš from the Bērzpils area. Despite the name, it is neither a Kölsch strain nor a Pils strain!

Kolnasāta offers up ample doses of pineapple esters along with medium attenuation and flocculation. It is POF- (non-phenolic) which means it can be used in a wide range of beers. The traditional beer it ferments is made by heating the mash using hot stones!

Framgarden Kveik Blend

Hailing from Stordal, Framgarden is the next-door neighbour to the popular Ebbegarden kveik. To us, Framgarden offers less guava, and more melon and mango notes which we think would pair perfectly with hops like Cashmere, Sabro, Strata, and Galaxy. In terms of beer styles, we think it works great in quick sours, hazy IPAs, and pale ales.

Framgarden is sourced from Petter Bøvrebust, and collected by the late and great William Holden.

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