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Our partnerships are long, built on obsessive consistency and bold transparency. We solve problems, but prefer to prevent them, and we approach every task with the goal of a superior and profitable end product for our customers.

We arm breweries with the knowledge they need to identify, locate and ultimately prevent costly microbial contaminations.

We also work with breweries to isolate and test local wild yeasts, provide microbial strain banking, and offer consulting to support your own quality control program.

Microbe Banking & Isolation

Ensure that your house yeast (or other yeasts not available through commercial yeast labs) are available to you at any time with private microbial strain banking. Interested in wild local yeasts? We’ll work with you to isolate, test and store them.

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Pre-poured Plates

Plate your beer samples for contaminants without investing in an autoclave or laminar flow hood. We produce and sell pre-poured agar plates for your brewery lab.

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