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The Kveik Ring: Granvin

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August 2021 Kveik Ring Release

Granvin likes it hot, perfect for the late summer heat. We have found a pitch temperature of 30-40ºC to be best for flavour expression with notes of tropical fruit and citrus. Avoid cooler temperatures with Granvin. Pairs well with hops, sours, or as a new twist on your Voss ferments.

We picked a high-performance single strain from the original mix for this release. The kveik culture originates from Tor Ølver Helland in Granvin near Voss in Norway. Want to learn more about how Granvin and other kveiks respond to temperature? Check out the new paper from us and our partner lab at the University of Guelph.

Attenuation: 70-80%
Flocculation: Medium 
Flavor Profile: Tropical Fruit, Citrus

About The Kveik Ring: Each yeast released will be tested by us for basic parameters (attenuation, flocculation, simple flavour descriptors) but we will turn further yeast characterization into a collaborative process. Contact us with your feedback at sales@escarpmentlabs.com.

Regular pitch sizes are based on our standard pitch rates. Are you looking for a custom pitch rate? Not sure how much yeast to order? Contact us for assistance.