Conquering Brewing Resolutions in 2024

As we stride into a new brewing year, it's time to set resolutions that elevate our craft and ensure every batch is a masterpiece. At Escarpment Labs, we're not just here to provide yeast — we're your partners in achieving brewing greatness. Let's dive into some common brewing resolutions!

Resolution 1: "I will work towards optimizing my efficiency"

Tip: Efficiency is key! Our yeast strains, like House Ale and Biergarten, are renowned for consistent performance. Learn how brewers like you have optimized their processes using our strains, achieving remarkable efficiency gains.

Resolution 2: "I will not mash in before my yeast shows up"

Tip: Preparing ahead ensures a smoother brew day. Our fast and reliable shipping guarantees that your chosen yeast strains arrive in time for your brew day, but last minute orders could mean last minute delays in rare situations. Say goodbye to anxious waits and hello to timely fermentations!

Resolution 3: "I will experiment and innovate with confidence"

Tip: Unleash your creativity fearlessly! Embrace Escarpment Labs' diverse yeast strains like Thiol Libre and our Experimental Strain Program give brewers the tools to experiment and innovate. Discover testimonials from bold brewers who ventured into uncharted flavour territories with our strains.

Resolution 4: "I will check my hoses for wear and tear, and replace"

Tip: Ensure your brewing setup is top-notch. A damaged lining in the hose tube may facilitate residue accumulation, providing a breeding ground for resilient microorganisms that could contaminate the brew. Additionally, any fissures or tears in the lining create hiding spots for these contaminants, evading thorough cleaning of the hose tube. Take the first step in ensuring healthy, consistent fermentations every time!

Resolution 5: "I will embrace my community connections"

Tip: Brewing is an art best shared. It's been a transitional year for a lot of the industry, and building support through your vibrant community (both inside and outside the industry) can be mutually beneficial. Build those collabs, tap takeovers, and shared events into your schedule this year!

Resolution 6: " I will cease eyeballing my yeast nutrient additions and use a proper scale"

Tip: In the pursuit of brewing excellence, it's time to bid farewell to the guesswork surrounding yeast nutrient additions. Embracing precision is key, and that begins with abandoning the practice of eyeballing measurements and opting for a proper scale. With a reliable scale at your disposal, ensuring precise nutrient additions becomes second nature, empowering you to fine-tune your brews and unlock their full potential.

More than everything, Escarpment Labs would love to be your ally in fulfilling these resolutions. We're not just delivering yeast; we're delivering expertise, support, and a community of passionate brewers. Together, let's turn these resolutions into achievements, creating beers that tell your unique brewing story.

Stay tuned for more knowledge resources in 2024, packed with tips, testimonials, and success stories, helping you navigate and conquer your brewing resolutions. Let's make 2024 a year of exceptional brewing accomplishments!

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