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Jeremy Taylor, 2 Crows Brewing

"I have been using Escarpment labs yeast for several years now in a professional brewing capacity, and their quality, consistency, and customer service are among the best out there. They are industry leaders in yeast research and innovation, and are genuinely great community members — regularly raising funds and attention for very worthwhile causes."

Annex Ales (AB) on using

Thiol Libre

Annex Ale Project used Escarpment's Thiol Libre yeast for our summer slammer pale ale It's Kismet and we were extremely satisfied with its impact on our beer.

The haze it created was thick and stable without any murkiness, and provided good body for a big-flavour ale with low-ABV drinkability. The combination of this yeast with some tropical-forward citrusy hops provided an intense nose of mango and guava with great balanced dankness on the pallet.

Overall Thiol Libre is a well-rounded yeast with reliable cellar results, but with a huge fruit-forward aroma and the great tropical vibes you would expect from this product.

Twin City Brewing on using


Great dry option that does the job quick with a clean profile. Produces beers with a great finish and mingles well with accentuated dry hop character. Great product.

NEW: Level up your hop forward IPA and Pale Ales

Elysium: The Pineapple Ester Sensation

Designed for excellence, this exclusive IPA strain offers strong pineapple vibes and excellent flocculation for speedy beer turnarounds. It can handle warm fermentation or a free rise, making it perfect for tropical brews and sours.

Pomona: The Peachy Champion

With notes of citrus, tropical fruits, and a stable haze, Pomona is your all-in-one IPA solution.


Thiol Libre

Unlock bolder tropical fruit aromas in your brews with no extra hops or adjuncts required!

House Ale (EL-D1)

Extremely fast and incredibly clean — your new dry house yeast.

Foggy London Ale

A brewer's favourite for stable haze and juicy flavours.

Yeast Lightning

Our yeast nutrient blend, tailor for the unique needs of beer yeasts.