Escarpment Labs Holiday Gift Guide

Are you or someone you love a difficult-to-buy-for brewer? Maybe someone who has recently been getting into fermentation? Or maybe you're just looking for some beer recommendations for your upcoming holiday party?

Well, look no further! The Escarpment Labs Holiday Gift Guide is here to make your life easier this holiday season. Take a look at some of our newer products, and local beer recommendations to kick start your planning!

For the brewer who has everything

We've got plenty of new and exciting merch that would look great in every brewers closet.

1. 'Kveik the World' Mineral Wash + Tie Dye T-Shirts: $30

To celebrate our rebranding of our beloved Kveik series, we've got some NEW limited edition unisex 'Kveik The World' tees! No two t-shirts are the same, with each shirt uniquely hand-dyed.

2. Escarpment Labs Adjustable Logo Fit-Cap: $30

Rep your favourite international yeast company. Pukka 6 panel, adjustable fit-cap.

Embrace your inner chef this holiday

3. Escarpment Labs Ready-To-Use Koji Rice: $15

Our koji is grown in an ideal environment created by a perfect balance of heat and humidity, before being harvested, freeze-dried, and sealed in our ready-to-use pouches. 

Hard to imagine using a mold in your everyday cooking? Our Koji Rice comes with easy-to-follow instructions that will have you mastering the art of miso, shoyu, sake and shio koji as fast as you can say umami!

4. Escarpment Labs SCOBY (Kombucha Starter): $15

We have you covered. Our SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) is grown in the perfect scientific environment and packed with healthy bacteria and yeast to ferment your kombucha quickly (two weeks or less). Plus, our culture comes with easy-to-follow instructions that will have you brewing up delicious batches of kombucha in no time!

The gift that keeps on giving for your homebrewer

5. Gift card to your local homebrew shop

We always say that homebrewers are the backbone of the industry, and homebrew shops are a big part of that. Support your community by searching out a local shop for equipment, ingredients & more! For a full list of shops providing Escarpment Labs products near you, visit

DID YOU KNOW: Not only are our products available in shops across Canada, but we also have availability shops in the United States and Europe! 

6. Yeast Lightning | 28g pouch: $15

Our yeast nutrient blend, tailored for the unique needs of beer yeasts. This has been a game changer for our professional brewers, giving more refined yeast profiles, better attenuation, & better consistency batch-to-batch. 

If that wasn't enough, e
ach 28g resealable pouch offers enough nutrients for up to 28 batches of homebrew. This works out to less than 50 cents per brew!

Mark the occasion with something local

With Escarpment Labs being located in Guelph, ON, we've decided to highlight some of the great beers using Escarpment Labs yeast coming from our local brewery partners. After an abnormal couple years, purchasing local is more important than ever. Don't live local to Guelph? In Ontario, you can order these brews for delivery province wide.

With so many fantastic products coming out this year, we also encourage you to seek out and support your local breweries regardless of the province or country you live in this holiday season!

7. Sonnen Hill Primo | Pils, 4.4%

A pale Czech lager made in collaboration with our friends at Sonnen Hill and us at at Escarpment Labs! Brewed with all Czech ingredients. Malt aromas of bread, caramel and honey with spicy and herbal notes. Rich malt flavours accompanied by a nice bitterness. 

Available online or at Sonnen Hill in Caledon, ON!

8. Elora Brewing Co. Short Circuit | Hazy IPA, 6.6%

It’s super smooth and has notes of mango, orange and coconut. It’s the perfect hazy IPA to pair with spicy foods or to enjoy on its own. They used our Vermont yeast, and it was generously hopped with El Dorado, Sultana, Bru-1 and Sabro.

Available online, at Elora Brewing Co. in Elora, ON, or in your local LCBO!

9. Royal City Brewing Co. Longest Night | Strong Ale, 8%

Inspired by vossaøl (a type of Norwegian farmhouse ale) and using our Voss Kveik strain, this brew gets a unique candied orange character from the yeast/long boil.

Coming soon!

10. Royal City Brewing Co. Snowed In | Kettle Sour, 6%

Fermented with our Voss and Lacto Blend 2.0, this kettle sour was fruited with a large dose of cranberry and a little bit of orange to balance it out. Refreshing, festive, and fun.

Coming soon!


Ready to share with friends and family

11. Wellington Brewery Bootique Mixer

The Wellington Bootique Mixer has something for everyone to enjoy. It’s the perfect mix six-pack including some year-round favourites along with some tasty small-batch seasonal beers. Here’s what you’ll find inside: Upside IPA (6.8%), Helles Lager (4.5%), Special Pale Ale (4.5%), Arkell Best Bitter (4.0%), Chocolate Milk Stout (6.6%), Morning Moon Hazy IPA (6.2% alc./vol.)

12. Wellington Brewery M31 Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout Gift Pack

Features two uniquely flavoured bourbon barrel-aged imperial stouts alongside the original barrel-aged M31 Andromeda stout with a custom M31 tumbler glass to drink them in. Enjoy fresh or cellar for future enjoyment. 

The gift of learning something new

Why not add some new skills, participate in new developments in the industry, or even learn about circularity with some delicious local food products?

13. Guelph Upcycled Holiday Food Box: $70 (plus tax)

Consider gifting local and sustainable food! Reimagine Food, Guelph Food Box and Circular Opportunity Innovation Launchpad (COIL) have curated a box of holiday delights featuring upcycled food products.

This year, we've included our EL Fuego Classic Hot Sauce. That's right, a brand new hot sauce that is only currently available in this box! This hot sauce boosts flavour using upcycled ingredients including an upcycled malt vinegar and an in-house umami booster made from spent grain, yeast, and koji rice. 🔥

We're joined by some other awesome food products with high quality ingredients that have been diverted from landfills, including: Greenhouse Juice, Beck's Broth, Heartwood Cidery, Seed Guelph, Pfisterer Farm, and Commonfare Kitchen.

Order by December 11th, 2022!

14. Master Brewers Ontario District Technical Conference | January 25-27, Niagara-on-the-Lake: $275.27

This year's theme is Brewing Better Together. Returning to the Master Brewers Conference at the Pillar and Post in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Reconnect with the latest brewing technology as well as fellow brewers, revitalize your plans and energy, and recover from a tough period in our lives. This year's sessions plan to address all these topics.


  • Key Note Speaker, James 'Otto' Ottolini, Chief of Brewing Operations Brew Hub, Saint Louis, MO "Brewnited We Stand"
  • Welcome Reception and Tap Takeover, featuring beers from across the province as well as a local favourites!
  • Technical Sessions, Workshops and Marketplace

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