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Thiol Libre [HB]

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Thiol Libre liberates tropical thiol aromas in your hops and malt.

With Thiol Libre, you get more intense tropical fruit aromas in your beers without adding more hops or adjuncts. Thiol-liberated beers display strong guava and passionfruit notes even with old-school hops like Cascade. This strain also ferments faster than other high biotransformation strains and produces stable haze. It can be repitched for 8 generations with consistent results.

Note: This strain can express phenols in certain situations. Avoid the use of Pilsner malt, and keep fermentation temperature below 22ºC. To learn more, see our FAQ (link below). 

Thiol Libre is exclusively available in Canada. 

How should you design your recipe to maximize the potential of Thiol Libre? See our FAQ for the nerdy details.

Recommended pitch sizes are based on our standard pitch rates. Contact us if you're not sure how much yeast to order!