Collaborations: Working Together to Boost Efficiency & Flavour

At Escarpment Labs, we thrive on the spirit of collaboration. There's something truly magical about brewers coming together, sharing expertise, and crafting unique recipes that push the boundaries of flavour and innovation. Our journey through collaborative brews has been nothing short of encouraging, and we're excited to share some standout moments from this past year where partnerships brewed success.

Alberta Unity Brew: A Tapestry of Citrus and Sweet Fruits

Participating for the third consecutive year in the Alberta Unity Brew, our team joined forces with over 40 breweries at Alley Kat Brewing Company. The star of this collaboration? Our versatile House Ale (EL-D1) dry yeast. Its fast fermentation properties and adaptability made it the perfect choice for a West Coast IPA featuring citrus and sweet fruit aromas.

This Unity Brew wasn't just about taste; sustainability was at its core. From the choice of ingredients to the label printed on paper for eco-friendliness, it celebrated not only exceptional brewing but also environmental consciousness—a testament to the industry's commitment to a greener future.

Vancouver Craft Beer Week: The Cold IPA Innovation

Iconic moments often stem from unexpected blends. The Cold IPA crafted by Patina Brewing Co.Main Street BrewingSilver Valley Brewing is a testament to this. Pairing strata and sabro hops with our beloved Isar Lager yeast resulted in a brew boasting tropical fruit, pine, and a hint of coconut. The Isar Lager yeast, known for its cleanliness and adaptability, was the secret behind the refreshing bitterness of this unique Cold IPA.

Innovative Flavours with Tide and Boar Brewing

During CBAC's Tap Takeover at 2 Crows Brewing, we collaborated with Shoreline Malts to bring several incredible beers to life using strains from our Experimental Strain Program. After all, what better way to see the difference these brand new strains can make than tasting them alongside more high quality, local ingredients?

One of these beers was brewed with Tide and Boar Brewing, bringing our experimental strain EL-1739 into the limelight. "If You Don't Stop" IPA was born, featuring enhanced terpene biotransformation and a tantalizing mix of Simcoe, Mosaic, and Nelson hops. This experimental strain showcased the beauty of venturing into uncharted yeast territories, offering a hazy, juicy experience that left taste buds craving more.

Buval: A Belgian Classic Aged to Perfection

Sometimes we're in it for the long game with our collabs. Escarpment Labs has always been a big fan of complexity that Brettanomyces strains can bring to a brew, and this was the perfect opportunity to showcase just that.

Patience and precision culminated in the creation of Buval, a complex Belgian pale ale that spent 14 months bottle conditioning. This masterpiece, brewed in collaboration with Burdock Brewery, included our Brett B strain, reminiscent of a cult classic Belgian beer. With its toasty toffee texture, citrusy aroma, and a bright hop finish, Buval embodies the artistry behind timeless brews.

Ontario Craft Brewers Conference: Group Hug Thiol Blonde

Had you heard about our latest stellar collaboration that was released just in time for the 2023 Ontario Craft Brewers Conference? We teamed up with the fine folks at Town Brewery, Dominion City Brewing Co., and Left Field Brewery for the ultimate Group Hug. This Blonde sensation is more than just a beer; it's a crispy, refreshing crusher adorned with bold tropical aromas that leave a lasting impression.

To unlock the vibrant guava and passionfruit aromas, we turned to our favourite thiol enhancing strain, Thiol Libre. This yeast worked its magic in tandem with local  Cascade hops sourced from Hayhoe Hops and the addition of Phantasm. The result? According to Town Brewery, "Group Hug is exactly what we set out to make—a crispy, refreshing beer bursting with layers of super fruity flavours and aromas. This beer embodies the essence of collaboration, and we're grateful to have brewed it alongside such fantastic partners."

This Blonde is a true testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in crafting extraordinary brews.


Curious about your own partnership with Escarpment Labs?

Our collaborative journeys underscore the essence of innovation, community, sustainability, and the sheer joy of creating exceptional brews — some of the core values of Escarpment Labs as a whole. We look to continue to be a catalyst for brewing success, offering our expertise and a plethora of yeast strains to elevate each partnership's potential. 

If you're curious about trialing a new strain, supporting a local initiative, or want some fermentation expertise on your side, reach out to us at

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