Food Ferments

Sourdough Starter Culture


This is a liquid sourdough culture containing active yeast and bacteria. It has been optimized by our in-house bread enthusiasts to ensure the best and easiest sourdough bread baking experience!

To create a sourdough starter for bread fermentation, mix the culture with 100g of your favourite flour and 50 mL of water. 

Available to Canadian customers only. Refrigerate upon arrival. 

Ingredients: Microbial culture (yeast and Lactobacillus bacteria), malt extract (may contain wheat), molasses, autolyzed yeast, magnesium sulphate, ammonium sulphate, potassium phosphate.
Ingrédients: culture microbienne (levure et bactérie), extrait de malt (peut contenir du blé), mélasse, levure autolysée, sulfate de magnésium, sulfate d'ammonium, phosphate de potassium.
Allergens: gluten, wheat
Allergènes: gluten, blé