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About Koji Rice

What is it?

Koji is a fascinating mold that was first discovered in China in 7000 BCE, where it is called “Qu”, and has cemented its importance in Japanese culture as its official national mold.

This mold grows especially well on high starch substrates (such as rice), in hot and humid climates. As it grows, the koji secretes enzymes that help it break down complex starches and proteins. Making healthy and enzyme-rich koji is the preliminary step in many fermentation processes including miso, saké and shoyu (soy sauce).

By breaking down starches and proteins, these enzymes create available sugars and amino acids for flavour development, allowing for complex fermentation and the creation of rich umami flavours. Umami is the savoury flavour we perceive in foods like parmesan cheese, tomatoes, meats and broths, and koji is an integral part of this flavour experience.


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For thousands of years, cultures in China, Korea and Japan have harnessed and mastered koji. In fact, it has become so ingrained in Japanese cuisine that you'd be hard-pressed to talk about it without the mention of koji-kin. Escarpment Laboratories would like to express our deepest appreciation for the history and culture behind koji, and for the wealth of knowledge that we inherently benefit from. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn about and make amazing koji ferments.