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Lactobacillus paracasei

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May 2021 Kveik Ring Release

Kveik yeasts have stolen the spotlight, but we think the bacteria in the original cultures are really cool too. This is our first pure bacteria Kveik Ring release. This is Lactobacillus paracasei isolated from Terje Raftevold's Hornindal Kveik. In a sensory experiment, this Lacto strain produced light to moderate acidity along with unique white wine and vanilla aromatics. We think this strain helps showcase all the different things Lacto can do for beer flavour!

Works well in kettle/quick souring. Use in unhopped wort only, this strain is hop sensitive. If co-pitching with yeast, give the Lacto a 24 hour head start.

Acid profile: Light to moderate (final pH 3.4-3.6)
Temperature: 30-40ºC
Flavor profile: White Wine, Citrus, Vanilla
Suitable styles: quick and fruited sour beers, Berliner Weisse, anything with New Zealand hops

About The Kveik Ring: Each yeast released will be tested by us for basic parameters (attenuation, flocculation, simple flavour descriptors) but we will turn further yeast characterization into a collaborative process. Contact us with your feedback at sales@escarpmentlabs.com.

Recommended pitch sizes are based on our standard pitch rates. Contact us if you're not sure how much yeast to order!