Free FAN Testing for November: Don't Miss Out!

Different yeasts require different nutrition — but are you sure that yours are getting enough?

In the world of brewing, the quality of your beer is determined by a multitude of factors. Yeast, the unsung hero of brewing, plays a pivotal role in shaping the flavour and aroma of your final product. But have you ever wondered if your yeast is getting all the nourishment it needs? That's where Free Amino Nitrogen (FAN) comes into the picture!

Unleash the Power of FAN

In the realm of brewing, FAN is a critical nutrient that your yeast depends on for its growth and the production of key compounds such as proteins. FAN is primarily derived from the malt used to create wort, becoming the building block that yeast needs to work its magic during fermentation.

When FAN levels dip below 130-180mg/L (ppm), it can spell trouble for your brew. Yeast growth may slow down, leading to incomplete fermentation, and even sulfury off-flavours can emerge. That's a scenario no brewer wants to encounter.

November Special: FREE FAN Testing and Yeast Nutrition Recommendations

To ensure your brewing endeavours are backed by the best possible yeast health, we're thrilled to announce our special promotion for the entire month of November: FREE FAN Testing and Yeast Nutrition Recommendations!

Here's how you can get in on the action:

1. Submission: Start by submitting your beers using our simple submission form. We'll need to gather some information about your yeast, final gravity, mash method, nutrients, and more. The more we know, the more accurate our advice will be.


2. Samples:
Once you've submitted your details, it's time to send us an unfermented wort sample1 sample of finished/fermented beer, and a six-pack of your brew. Why both wort and finished beer samples? Because we want to check both pre and post-ferment FAN levels to get the complete picture. And the six-pack? It's our way of saying thanks to our lab staff!

3. Results: Our expert team will meticulously analyze your samples and return your results during November or December. You won't just receive the numbers; we'll provide a comprehensive breakdown of what those results mean. Wondering what 180ppm of FAN means for your yeast? We've got you covered!

Note: To take advantage of this fantastic offer, you must be an Escarpment Labs customer with an order placed during this calendar year.


Elevate Your Brewing Game

As passionate brewers ourselves, we understand the importance of nurturing your yeast for the best possible beer. With FREE FAN Testing, you can ensure your yeast is receiving the nourishment it needs to create exceptional brews every time.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to optimize your brewing process! Submit your samples, and let us help you unlock your yeast's full potential this November. Your beer – and your taste buds – will thank you. 🍻🔬

Ready to get started? Submit your samples now and supercharge your brewing! 

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