2023 Summer Webinar Series

It's no secret that Escarpment Labs has been busy the last couple years. Between new products, creating new resources for brewers to learn from, and creating special presentations for conferences, we've been everywhere and doing everything.

This is why we are introducing the Summer Webinar Series!

This 7 session series will break down and give some inside knowledge of new products we've introduced, new research & how to improve your overall brewing quality and performance.

Each webinar will be 30-45 minutes in duration with ~15 minutes for Q&A on either Mondays or Tuesdays (check the listings below) at 4pm. A recording will be uploaded at 12pm on the following day. A full list of topics can be found in the image below.

This series has now concluded, but check out all of our session recordings below! 


Past sessions available on YouTube:

SESSION #1: Controlling Yeast Flavour & Biotransformation

SESSION #2: All About House Ale (EL-D1 - Dry Yeast)

SESSION #3: Brett Science Update

SESSION #4: Beer Yeast Nutrition: A Deep Dive

SESSION #5: How to Make Non-Alcoholic Beer through Fermentation

SESSION #6: Controlling Beer Off-Flavours

SESSION #7: Using Beer Yeast in Cider, Seltzer, Saké, Wine & Mead

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