E.L Fuego fermented hot sauce is now live!

Pro breweries and wholesalers:

Order your yeast on our online store, and your lunch break will never be the same. This year's batch of E.L. Fuego Fermented Hot Sauce is now live!

Business customers placing orders themselves through our online store will be presented with an option to choose either Classic or E.L. Dorado. Fantasma, our extra-hot-face-melter containing ghost peppers is available exclusively to customers purchasing Yeast Lightning.

E.L. Fuego Fermented Hot Sauce: Classic, Garlic, El Dorado, Fantasma

Some more info on our spicy sauce family:

  • E.L. Fuego Classic includes cayenne, habanero, and ghost peppers.
  • E.L. Dorado contains cayenne, habanero, yellow sweet peppers, and garlic.
  • Fantasma contains ghost peppers.
  • Garlic is already OUT OF STOCK (we ran a test and y'all already snatched all of these up).

Supplies are limited. First come first served until we restock next winter. Available to pro breweries and wholesalers in Canada only. Click here to start building your cart.

You can also learn more about our hot sauces on our blog, 'Fermented Hot Sauce: Keep Kahm, Ferment On'.

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