Need help picking a yeast? (Strain Comparison Chart)

When your goal is to make the lives of your customers easier, you look to a lot of different areas to make changes. In lots of cases, there are factors that can affect an order - it could be price, availability, or just choosing the right yeast out of the hundreds that are currently available in the market. We've reviewed some of these pain points, or areas that aren't communicated as clearly, and have decided to address these head on. 

Strain Comparison Chart

We hear this question a lot: "What's your equivalent to [insert other company’s yeast]?" So we thought it would be nice if there was just one place that had everything.

We put together the following chart so you can see how different types of liquid yeasts compare!

Feel free to download, print out, and put up in your home, brewery, or homebrew shop. We will get some printed and sent out in the new year as well! 


Disclaimer: Escarpment Laboratories Inc. is not associated with White Labs, Inc., Wyeast Laboratories, Inc., imperial Yeast, or Omega Yeast Labs LLC. WY” yeast numbers are the property of Wyeast Laboratories, Inc., “WLP” yeast numbers are the property of White Labs, Inc., "OYL" yeast numbers are the property of Omega Yeast Labs LLC. This document is intended as a guide to help brewers looking for Escarpment Labs products similar to the listed yeast products and is not a declaration of absolute equivalency in terms of genetics or phenotype of the listed yeast products. Results may differ between yeast suppliers as a result of genetic variation or propagation practices. This document is subject to change or revision as new information becomes available. 

*New* Compare Strain Website Feature 

When there are so many yeasts that can be used for similar styles of beer, how can you find the right one for your particular recipe? We saw this particular pain point when it comes to our customers, unable to see what the differences between certain strains are without spending an extended period of time clicking product page, after product page. 

This is where our Compare Strain feature comes in handy! You can now choose three different strains, of any strain collection, and compare their key characteristics at a glance. You see how that new hybrid strain performs in comparison to your old faithful, or maybe there is a strain better set for your fermentation goals! The information is now at your fingertips, in seconds instead of minutes.

To use, just click 'Compare Strains' here, or along the top of our navigation bar.

Competitive Pricing & Lead Times

Our goal is to maintain ready-to-ship inventory of our Core lineup, which currently includes: Foggy London Ale, Vermont Ale, Cali Ale, Hornindal Kveik, Voss Kveik,  Saison Maison, KRISPY, Isar Lager, and Lactobacillus Blend 2.0. However, unforeseen demand can sometimes result in stock-outs of these strains.

We grow yeast using a multi-stage propagation with three quality checks. This means that a batch of yeast from start to finish takes about two weeks. In general, the lead time for a strain that is not already in our schedule is 3 to 4 weeks.

Pro Brewers can access pricing on product pages when logged into their accounts. We are also able to provide pricing by emailing us to create an account.

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